Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Peau de Chagrin -Carré Alchemique No 1

Carré Alchemique No 1
Celestial Alphabet of The Southern Hemisphere is the first scarf in the Peau de Chagrin Carrés Alchimiques series and the second Peau de Chagrin object. It is made entirely in Lyon by an artisanal silk manufacturer, Maison Marc Rozier, founded in 1890.
The scarf takes its inspiration from a 17th century drawing by Jacques Gaffarel, a noted scholar and astrologer of Cardinal Richelieu. This particular image uses Kabbalistic text to map the constellations visible from the Southern Hemisphere during his lifetime. The drawing appears in the 1650 edition of Curiosités Inouyes Sur la Sculpture Talysmanique des Persians: Horoscopes des Patriarches et Lecture des Estoiles. Translated as: Unheard of Curiosities Concerning the Talismanic Sculptures of the Persians, The Horoscope of the Patriarchs, and Readings of the Stars. This ancient book is currently held at Middle Temple Library in London in its original state.
The hand-stitched scarf, which measures 120cm x 120cm, is made in crêpe de chine. Each scarf or ‘carré’ is screen-printed using the traditional ‘Impression à la Lyonnaise' by the Marc Rozier workshops. The company, established in Lyon in the 19th century, continues to champion and develop time-honoured Lyonnaise techniques of silk making. These values resonate strongly with Peau de Chagrin.
Like all Peau de Chagrin objects, the scarf is a limited edition of 100. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


120 years ago it was an indoor greenhouse for growing koji seeds, a key ingredient in sake as well as miso and soy sauce. Now, thanks to a small group of friends, it’s been beautifully renovated into the Kyoto Moyashi House. Whether you’re looking for an authentic place to stay or to host an off-site seminar, the large Machiya can serve as a unique backdrop.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Pierre Bergé's Paris Apartment- Rive Gauche.

Businessman Pierre Bergé enlisted Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini of the design firm Studio Peregalli to transform the upper level of his Paris apartment.... more Via:  architecturaldigest.com 
and Via:  admagazine.fr

Sunday, November 29, 2015


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