Saturday, January 30, 2010

1935 photos of Cecil Beaton -For Haiti-

 In 1935, Cecil Beaton traveled to Haiti on assignment for Vogue to write about the “extraordinary isle” and to keep a photographic journal of his travels. The resulting images—among them Port-au-Prince’s majestic National Cathedral, the president’s palace, and a pink-and-white pinnacled tabernacle—are now available for purchase HERE. Buy one of these hauntingly beautiful prints of this now badly battered country, which Beaton then eloquently described as “so exotic and romantic, so highly colored an island ...which seems to have everything and something more,” and 50%* of the sale price of each image will go to the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at Beaton’s portrayals of Haiti’s natural splendor while doing your part to help the country begin to heal.

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