Saturday, March 13, 2010

Djamel Tatah- Contemporary artist.

Djamel Tatah is a contemporary artist, born in 1959 Saint-Chamond in France .He made his studies in the Beaux-Arts School of Saint-Etienne in 1981- 1986.

Attentive to the questions of the contemporary representation in painting, Tatah develops a pictural work using technics like paint with wax, photography and current numerisation. Since the begining, he places in coloured spaces which have unequal textures, human figures at a scale of 1:1. In 1990 the backgroungs of his paintings become uncluttered and the colors more intense. The work evoluates toward a simplification of decoration's elements (architectures, furnitures, accessories) which are now coloured geometrical's forms. The most singular and anecdotic's elements of those figures are voluntarily neutralized by a specified pictural traitement. Photography, numerisation, fragmentation, recombination and projection on canvas are many ways to dematerialize the figures which are reduced to the state of being a trace. His attention concentrates then on the bodie's positions, on the gestures and the figure's attitudes. Invested with another matter (subject), the figures are coming back, present again, through this act of painting. Since 1996, he produces some large paintings on which the same figure is repeated indefinitely. Instead of changing forms and subjects, Djamel Tatah's painting appears to favour (to privilege) the repetition's process and to propose a relationship of co-presence with the viewer. This work wonders about the possibility for the painting to realize an abstract representation of human being.

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