Monday, May 24, 2010

China Club Hong Kong-

About a year ago, I was in Hong Kong where I spent an memorable time and met incredible people.
I went to the China Club where I had an outstanding lunch. 
The Art Deco-designed space occupies the top three floors of the former Bank of China building, and bring you to the the decadent times of Shanghai clubs of the 1930s.
It is owned and entirely designed by the entrepreneurial Sir David Tang. (As well as its sister branches in Singapore and Beijing). 
During the Cultural Revolution, the Club’s terrace was used as a platform from which Communist propaganda was blasted at the British playing cricket on the field opposite, but today’s China Club is a genteel place, full of old world atmosphere, and new world patrons – more than ten years after Hong Kong’s return to China, you’re just as likely to hear guests speak Mandarin as English.

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  1. Laila i am planning a trip to China in Sep so please keep the suggestions coming :-)



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