Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Upla. Since 1973.

Upla is well known for its collections of authentic bags such as the fisherman’s pouch or the Postman Besace which have been behind the brand's success since 1973. 
The current collection is both cool and chic at the same time with the now famous and trans-generational fisherman's pouch and the other utility and practical models name of which, “Palefrenier”, “ Ouvreur” or even “Chineur”, remind former jobs.
Must see the store: Upla 5, rue Saint Benoit 75006.

Pêcheur S leather, Chocolate
La Besace du Pêcheur, Union Jack

La Besace du Pêcheur, Clovers
La Besace du Pêcheur, Safari

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