Sunday, June 13, 2010

US Ambassador's residence in Lagos, Nigeria -1975-1980

A friend sent me these pictures. They mean a lot to my husband, John. This is the residence he lived as a child from 1975-1980-  The house has an amazing early fifties  architecture - Before, it was apparently a nurses residence.  
John and his family loved their Lagos years, despite a coup d'Etat, and having their house stormed by angry protesting students.  In those days, the house was quite accessible from the street with little security.  It is still owned by the US embassy, but now protected like a fortress.....
Thank you Nathalie for these great pictures!


  1. The lagoon is in the background, of the swimming pool, and known as (according to the Guiness Book of Records) the biggest lagoon in the world, why also, the name Lagos which means 'lagoon' in Portuguese. don't hesitate to correct me if I am wrong! never had pictures of the tennis court!

  2. Hi Nathalie
    If you have more photos, please send them . We enjoyed watching them!

  3. Laila, I loved it! what a nice house it was for the kids to play around in that time!!

  4. Laila what a great piece of history! I'm sure John was thrilled to see them! Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Andrea, Alessandra,
    We enjoyed discovering this pictures. And as my father in law is in Paris we enjoyed more interesting memories.
    You can read more about Donald Easum in the following link:

  6. I was a student at the American School in Lagos during 78-82 and I remember this house very well. The Ambassador graciously allowed use of the tennis courts and swimming pool for learning and practicing swimming and tennis as part of after school activities 2 days a week in the afternoons as at that time the school was on Bourdilon Road and had no such facilities. I basically learned to play tennis at this house. Once a year there would be a big garden party, I don't remember what the occasion would be, but it was on a Saturday and the American community in Lagos would gather here for games, raffle prizes etc. etc. I just remember being a 8 year old kid and running around with friends in the huge lawns. It's been over 35 years since I saw pictures of this house, amazing memories.

  7. I lived in Lagos in 77. I am pretty sure your husband John rode a huge motorcycle at the time. We used to see each other at the Ikoyi Club. I spent a few evenings at the residence in the company of the Marines, who were known to have some pretty good gatherings of their own at the Marine house.

  8. I believe that the Ambassador Don Easum was very musical & some time in the late 1970s, my mother took part with The Ikoyi Singers in a production of 'Singing In The Rain' performed here on the verandah. They also performed Amahl & The Night Visitors at the new National Theatre in Lagos & in St Saviour's Church, which I went to see when I was home from school.



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