Friday, November 12, 2010

Editions de Parfums -Frederic Malle

 Frédéric Malle  The “Perfume Publishing House,” as this store’s name translates to in English, produces not bounded volumes but exclusive and peerless fragrances by the world’s greatest noses.
Since opening in 2000, the company has released 17 fragrances by 9 different designers, sold in clear cylinders and packaged into square boxes resembling books, complete with a description, pic and bio on the back.
Every store is personalized with a portrait gallery of the “noses” and pieces from Malle’s private art collection. Meanwhile, the Olivier Lempereur-designed flagship boutique on rue de Grenelle is part wine cellar, part science lab and private humidor. Refrigerated armoires keep the products fresh, while the patented smelling columns delightfully allow you to virtually fast-forward through time to learn how a scent will smell after a few hours.

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