Thursday, December 16, 2010

THE POLYGLOT-If Middle East Had A Vogue!

The Polyglot

If the middle East had a Vogue, What would it look like? Asks Alex Aubry.
The Polyglot started  four years ago as a reaction to a comment made by Condé Nast’s Jonathan Newhouse, concerning why the Middle East would never have its own Vogue.
Alex Aubry has made it his mission to bridge cultures and break stereotypes through a shared appreciation for art, fashion and design. In the last two years he's been busy with writing/editing for various publications, lecturing, and curating exhibits.
He has written for various publications, as well as original material that sheds light on the region in a contemporary and modern way. The Middle East in this case isn’t a specific geographic region so much as a state of mind says the Polyglot. A place so diverse that it defies our notions of identity, race, religion and even creativity. This is by no means a Middle-East-centric site, but a place for everyone. Approaching design and culture in this way provides Alex with a healthy challenge as a writer. 
I highly recommend it:
Vogue of Arabia, 1966

Miss America’s Latest Face Comes with Familiar Features 

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