Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sophia 203- Couture Accessories.

Colorful butterflies, hearts, stars and flowers are signature designs of the couture accessories collection named Sophia 203.
The handmade pieces are created with the most refined techniques of embroidery. Her all hand made hair bands, belts, necklaces, reflects well the colorful and feminine universe of Swedish designer Sophia Edstrand. As creative assistant of reputed jewelery designer Marie-Helene de Taillacsince several years, Sophia came to India in her early twenties, after her studies at famed fashion school Studio Bercot in Paris,and was struck by the beauty of India, with its colors and the savoir faire of their handicrafts. Sophia discovered the rare and refined embroidery technique normally used for wedding jewelery while browsing the bazaars of Jaipur. She was fascinated by a technique she had never yet seen being used, and started experimenting with contemporary motives, soon a small collection was created. Encouraged by Marie-Helene de Taillac, after a successful launch of her first collection at the event Love from Jaipur in November 2009, hosted by de Taillac at Le Bon Marche, the brand Sophia 203 was born. The first collection was an instant hit and she sold it to shops like Colette, Le Bon Marche, Ron Herman Tokyo etc. Spending over 6 months a year in Jaipur, which Sophia describes as heaven if you are creative, “anything is possible here, and to me, the hand made products that are being made here represents the ultimate luxury to me, as this is something that is still possible in very few places in the world today”. The handcraft and the technique of her pieces is something that Sophia feels very strongly about, a big belt takes over a week to produce, and she is very proud to contribute to the preservation of this beautiful art. Every piece is bears her name with a handstitched logo in a fushia pantone #203, which represents her love for color. Sophia is now launching a collection of leather shoes as well as evening bags adorned with her refined embroidery.


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