Monday, June 20, 2011

KERNAN SHIPKA- Mad Men’s Sally Draper

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I wear these dresses so much in the summer time! I have had some really great times with friends in these dresses.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dresses, Papo d’Anjo </span><span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I wear this dress all the time. It’s a wonderful everyday dress. I adore the Peter Pan collar. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Papo d’Anjo</span>
<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This dress is Papo d’ Anjo. I wore the same dress in a different color to an event for Elle Magazine honoring Women in Film. The dress is made from a beautiful silk taffeta, has the most beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons down the back and has built-in tulle - which I love! This headband is really something else. I have NO clue who the designer is, but I am trying to figure that out. I got it at Bergdorf’s in the children’s department, and it is crazy awesome! </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Papo d’Anjo</span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Papo d’ Anjo is a brand from Portugal. The designer and founder is Catherine Monteiro de Barros. I love this silhouette for anytime of year. It’s so classic and pretty.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Papo d’Anjo</span>
<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This dress is actually an original design of mine. I love the color and the fabric, which is a raw silk taffeta. I spent days going through all the fabric shops in downtown LA to find this fabric. I still laugh when I think about your comment regarding the dress...that it looks like a PAPO on steroids. I made many changes to the dress along the way.  It took about a year to finish.  It turned out great! I love guitar. I think it has a really cool sound and vibe. I love strumming it and having my friends sing along to the music. The boots are much-loved Steve Maddens.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Made by Kiernan Shipka; Boots, Steve Madden </span>
<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I love ballet. Ballet is its own being. It has its own vocabulary. I feel as if I am in a different world when I am in the ballet studio.  </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Papo d’Anjo</span>

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