Monday, March 19, 2012

Bike Time-

Bike shares are sprouting in cities all over the world: Taipei, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Berlin and Mexico City, to name only a few. For the five mapped below, find out how many bikes and docks are at each station with the Spotcycle app.
London Less than $2 buys access to the 6,000 bikes at Barclays Cycle Hire. In addition to the Spotcyle app, the program’s Cycle Hire app locates available bikes and parking spots.
Melbourne The day rate at Melbourne Bike Share, at 51 stations, starts at about $2.75. For $5, you can buy a helmet.
Montreal The 5,050 bikes at Bixi Montreal are accessible at its 405 stations 24 hours a day (except in winter) for a fee that starts at $5 a day.
Washington, D.C. More than 1,200 bikes are spread across 140 stations, thanks to Capital Bikeshare, and yours for the renting at a base day rate of $7.
Minneapolis For a base rate of $5 a day, Nice Ride Minnesota rents 1,000 bikes at 116 stations.
 New York isn’t the only major American city to go the way of the bicycle. Chicago is getting a public bike share this summer and 100 miles of new protected bike lanes by 2015, all part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to make his city the most cyclist-friendly in the country. For now try Chicago B-Cycle, a bike share with a few stations near the Lakefront Trail, an 18-mile path along Lake Michigan. Cruisers, hybrids and more can be rented at the McDonald’s Cycle Center(312-729-1000), a state-of-the-art facility for commuters. Or buy your own: Working Bikes Cooperative (773-847-5440) sells restored discarded bikes on the cheap; J. C. Lind Bike Company (312-643-1670) and Copenhagen Cyclery (773-456-0024) carry the best Danish cargo bikes; Method Bicycle (312-965-8635) makes bespoke steel frames. Nothing heralds the city’s status as a cycling stronghold quite like the newly opened Heritage Bicycles General Store(above; 773-245-3005), a bike shop-cafe where you can order a custom bike, get a tuneup, scarf a soup-and-salad lunch and tank up on Stumptown coffee, an export from that other great bike town, Portland, Ore.

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  1. Hey! nice post..its a shame that I dont know how to ride a bike yet..I would love to learn one day. It seems fun :)



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