Friday, July 27, 2012

Blaise Mautin Perfume for The Park Hyatt Paris

Each time I enter the Park Hyatt rue de la Paix, I am literally drawn in by the smell.

Blaise Mautin has tailor-made this smell that belongs to Park Hyatt, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli... He  is one of France’s established “noses” that has been honoured with the prestigious “Lys d’Or” award. This energy and talent is being discovered by a limited number of companies in the luxury sector with whom Blaise Mautin shares the pursuit of excellence and exclusivity. This personalised service includes creating a range of guest supplies and scents with a difference, and his personal supervision of every aspect from design to production. In order to become a “nose” and master the techniques and know-how to be able to perfect the art, Blaise Mautin spent several years at the “ISIPCA” and the “ Osmothèque de Versailles.” He has travelled far to select special fragrances to compose his marvellous perfumes. These journeys have given him the ability to create unique atmospheres and sensations presented in his high quality fragrances. His refined taste and the quality of his work can be experienced, all over the world in some of the luxurious Park Hyatt Hotels, in the fragrances and perfumed candles created for the Japanese, super cool brand Visvim, and in a more personal relationship with the perfumer, designing your very own personal fragrance! A tailor made perfume in a diamond shaped flacon that is absolutely divine!
Blaise Mautin Istambul

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