Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Designer's home: Bruno Frisoni. Tangier

Casa Blanca

"Bruno Frisoni’s retreat in the bustling port city of Tangier is as eclectic and inventively chic as his creations for Roger Vivier.
Through a decade and more of high-concept designer shoes—towering constructions larded with details and hardware—Bruno Frisoni has conceived fashion for the foot (and bags, and bijoux) as whimsical and as thoughtfully stylish as he is. In his role at Roger Vivier, where Frisoni has been creative director since 2002, the accessories maestro has reinvented the refined but imaginative taste of the designer credited with bringing the stiletto heel to high fashion and encasing the feet of the most stylish women of the mid–twentieth century in creations of elaborate fantasy.
“I’m always very spontaneous,” says Frisoni of his design process. At Vivier, “I have tried to bring back this very sophisticated Parisian idea of shoe-making—to make ‘chic’ alive! What was important was not to bring a shoe line back, but to make it instead a maison—a fashion house rather than just an accessory line.”
To this end, Frisoni’s ready-to-wear collections are presented in evocative environments that reflect Roger Vivier’s own taste for innovative decorating. Vivier’s much-photographed apartment on the Quai d’Orsay, for instance, with its suave and prophetic mix of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century antiques, contemporary art, and Asian and African sculpture, was radically new and influential in the fifties and sixties. Frisoni has channeled its excitingly eclectic flavor in the Vivier stores, where similar pieces are juxtaposed with monumental bronze and lacquer consoles and vortex-shaped lamps and chandeliers, created by his partner, Hervé Van der Straeten. The spirit also inspires the high-style environments that Frisoni and Van der Straeten have conjured in their own homes: a loftlike Parisian apartment, an eighteenth-century house in Frisoni’s native Burgundy, and—most dramatically—a residence in the medina of Tangier, the windblown Moroccan port city."

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