Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nowhere Resort- Hayama beach house

"Several years ago, when architect Michiyo Yoshimura was looking for a quick escape with her husband and her infant son, she realized there was a dearth of child-friendly vacation options. She and her architect husband Yasutaka Yoshimura of Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects hit upon the idea of a weekly resort rental, and created a collection of seaside houses under the name Nowhere Resort.
The Nowhere but Hayama project, is a renovated Japanese house that was originally built over 80 years ago. Located an hour's train ride away from Tokyo in Hayama on the Miura Peninsula, the town has long been a retreat for urbanites many of whom own second homes here (in fact, the Imperial Family's own bolt-hole is located right next door). A nearby rental property just south, called Nowhere but Sajima, is a modern house that seems to float above the sea. For more information, go to Nowhere Resort."

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