Monday, April 7, 2014

L’Officine Universelle Buly.

Victoire de Taillac et Ramdane Touhami
 Ramdane Touhami and his wife Victoire de Taillac-Touhami have launched a new “historic” French beauty brand, L’Officine Universelle Buly.

  "My fascination with the feminine world of beauty began in my early days of childhood as I gazed upon vials, lipsticks, perfumes, jewelry, creams, and balms… I like beauty products, their recipes, and their stories. I barely wear any make up but it’s always been a great fascination of mine. My hair seems to have its own life, hence, difficult to manage; and, my dream, a guilty pleasure of mine- would be to look like I’ve always just stepped out of the hairdresser’s. After having created Parfumerie Generale, the first boutique dedicated to alternative cosmetics and for which I endlessly tracked down new products of foreign, niche, neo-bio, shabby-chic or even laboratory addicted brands. After having attempted, for two years the Tangerian experience and, afterwards, the active bohemian Brooklyn scene, I am today back in Paris to launch, with two partners a new magazine, Corpus, of which I am the Editor in Chief.  and the launch of Buly. This quest for both the glamorous and the intellectual sides of beauty leaves me some time- never enough!- to take care of my husband, my three children, my little dog, the new cat and to read and to cook."

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