Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Fab Day Paris- Best City Guide

                    The Fab Day Paris City Guide

"The Fab Day is an online city guide produced by our team of globetrotters and urban geeks. For over five years we have been posting on the blogosphere our fabulous journeys and latest findings. The Fab Day is a photo album, a daily exploration and a notebook showing remarkable cities, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, museums, monuments, galleries, theaters, parks, etc. A wise French man ( Montaigne ) said once "L'homme fait le voyage, le voyage fait l'homme".

Wishing you a wonderful journey and a Fab Day !"

François-Xavier Hermand.

Centre Commercial
Centre Commercial

Frenchie to go
Café Suedois 
Le petit fer a cheval
Bistrot Paul Bert
La Pagode
Cafe de Flore
François-Xavier Hermand

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