Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beautiful Home In Istanbul.

On a hilltop in Istanbul, overlooking a sweep of the Bosphorus strait, sits a fantasy of Ottoman opulence, its rooms filled with the enticing secrets of Turkish bazaars. 

Gulgun at home with his nephew Burak and niece Begum.

Gulgun hosts dinner parties-often 

putting his place settings atop a bright vintage suzani-for guests from around the world.

The Belvedere, the top floor of the house, offers expansive views of the First Bosphorus Bridge.

Talismans are placed on door handles to bring good luck.

Jewel-toned upholstry and silk wall hangings complement, 

Gulgun's collection of Arabic art and calligraphy.

The second floor of Macar Feyzullah Pasha is laid out in the form of a Byzantine cross.

Embroidered textiles and patterned walls appear throughout the house. 

A ceiling modeled after an Ottoman yurt.

Coffee and Sweets in the upstairs salon.

An antique Oushak carpet dominates the marbled foyer of Sedar Gulgun's home in Istanbul.

Entry hall with its hand-painted ceilings.

Chinese ancestral portraits frame the entrance to Gulgun's bedroom.

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