Monday, February 8, 2010

Alexandra Neel- Ballerinas from a Ballerina

Former Parisian ballerina for 15 years, Alexandra has turned her fascination of the foot of a dancer to the foot of the versatile, fashion-forward woman. In 1998, Alexandra began designing shoes at CELINE, under the care of Michael Kors.  She then moved on to spend two years at BALENCIAGA with Nicolas Guesghiere and one year at NINA RICCI.
For Alexandra, the dancer’s grace and femininity came mainly from very tough work on the toes. That’s maybe the main explanation as to why she has decided to create shoes and why she believes that how we carry ourselves begins with our feet and what’s on them.
In 2001, at the age of 25 years old, Alexandra debuted her first eponymous line of footwear and was able to immediately establish her signature look with the “corseted shoe” named GISELE, a reflection of her love for refined lingerie and intricate detail.

In 2003, she won the “Talents du Luxe” award in the category Young Creation Talent.
Her past classic dancer activity has helped her to develop a taste for perfection and search of the permanent grace. That’s why she has focused her creations on feminine details such as lace and lingerie details. With a clearly feminine vision, Alexandra is guided and inspired by luxury, refinement and sexy curves. She articulates a formal, yet sensual, look by wonderfully blending classical sensibility with meticulous attention to details. Her designs are at once delicate, luxurious, and undeniably sexy all at the same time. 
A quest for “essentials” full of charm and pure chic culminate with the ultra-feminine stiletto: modern and audacious yet simple and subtile. 
Alexandra Neel

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