Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aurora Lopez Mejia

Lopez Mejia has been making gold and silver hand stamped and gem jewelry for 20 years. She has an established clientele that is in search of wearing symbolic, empowering statement pieces as opposed to artifice. Craftsmanship and intention are at the heart of Aurora’s philosophy of artistry and design. Each piece when personalized reflects the wearer’s sensibilities and thoughtfulness, while at the same time taps into the designer’s devout respect and interest in the ancient civilizations who originally wore talismans as agents of power and change.For thousands of years, amulets and different forms of found objects have been worn as jewelry to help protect, heal, and connect to the spiritual world. Lopez Mejia takes inspiration from this primal impulse and adds words to connect to the deeper meaning of a person’s experience. Though many jewelers have followed in her footsteps, she, who even as a child was obsessed with dictionaries and geology, was the first to make the written word an element of design in its most recent, modern incarnation.Lopez Mejia’s fan base is comprised of a variety of people from stylists in the fashion industry to artists and performers. Many are celebrities who have come to Aurora to have her commemorate some of their most cherished, private experiences. “My collection began with a series of rings which I hand inscribed with messages for my friends,” says Lopez Meijia. “They were filled with either tokens of love or symbolic messages that pertained to that person’s deeper thoughts about life. Given that some of my friends were involved in either music or film, the word spread throughout the years amongst friends of friends, artists and celebrities who also wanted to commission me to make pieces for them.”She adds: “It is my greatest pleasure to produce a piece of jewelry which is filled with a true meaning and inspiration for the wearer. I like to envision that each piece is symbolic and also a reminder of what is important in life.”

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