Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aurora Lopez-Raising Malawi.

I previously wrote a post about my dear friend, Aurora Lopez.  Aurora has created a necklace as part of her jewelry line, inspired by the children of Malawi and currently works with Madonna’s charity foundation “Raising Malawi.”
She has just returned from Malawi and wanted to share some of her personal photos of intense and emotional moments.
The gold, silver, and bronze tablet shaped pendants on natural leather cord are inscribed with the world “Mtima” which is “heart” in Malawi’s Chichewa language. All proceeds go directly to support the work of “Raising Malawi” which was co-founded by Madonna to bring aid to a country devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and poverty.  More than one million Malawian children have been orphaned due to this epidemic.

Aurora, I am so proud of your dedication!

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  1. This is fantastic! Great cause as well.



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