Monday, May 3, 2010

Marie Helene de Taillac.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac started her career in fashion. She worked in London for fashion, jewelry and accessories designer Butler & Wilson, Dinny Hall, Victor Edelstein and Philip Treacy for eleven years before returning to her original fascination: color and fine jewelry. The defining moment came on a trip to Jaipur and a fortuitous meeting with some of the finest jewelers in India and master craftsmen whose traditional methods date back to the time of 18th century Maharajahs. Their expertise in selecting and cutting gems goes back generations. Here Marie-Hélène de Taillac was able to revive old diamonds cut on usual gems (such as multicoloured tourmalines, apatite or multicolored spinels) and design deceptively simple settings which show off the beauty and brilliance of the gem stones. It was to become her hallmark. The designers signature style is over sized gems in startling colors that seem to float on the finger, delicate rivers of almost invisible set stones in a rainbow of colors necklaces and earrings.


  1. J adore ce que fait cette femme . Connaissez vous ADDELINE ? elle vit aussi en Inde et fait aussi des bijoux, surtout de l or!!! elle a une boutique dans le 6eme rue Jacob, allez voir c est super beau

  2. Merci Fred, J'aodore aussi ce que fait Marie-Helene, j'irai voir ce que fait Addeline, je suis curieuse.




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