Friday, June 18, 2010

Loewe Madrid-

Eric Gallais, took me to central Gran Via in Madrid as it marks its 100th anniversary for a visit of the spectacular Loewe store.
In the late fifties, it was at this exact Loewe store that Ernest Hemingway took Ava Gardner for shopping. 
Eric happens to be the designer of a Loewe line of men bags...and a great photographer.


  1. Merci !!!
    Such a pleasure to be with you ...and such a (good) surprise !!!

  2. lovely pics and bags

  3. Hi Laila!

    Beautiful photos - and beautiful bags...! Gives me an idea for Thierry's bday next Monday.

    Too bad, we missed each other in Madrid...We'll see each other next time you visit Madrid, ok...



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