Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Recently, John and I experienced the Omotenashi at Hoshinoya Kyoto: Omotenashi is the Heart of Japanese Hospitality:
To Japanese, "omotenashi" means not just hospitality in the usual sense, but "something more akin to an elevated politeness that makes customers feel valued and respected”.

Hoshinoya Kyoto is a short boat ride from the center of Arashiyama, close to the city’s famous bamboo forests. 
It is a beautiful 100 year old  Ryokan restored with modern facilities yet preserving the old charm.

Two gardens are designed according to Zen principles to give the effect of flowing water. Architect Rie Azuma and landscape designer Hiroki Hasegawa have done a fantastic job building this zen Japanese resort around 400 year old from a private home of a local merchant.

 Hoshinoya Kyoto

Night boat ride
Boat ride from Togetsukyo Bridge
Night view of main buildings

The Tsuki Maisonette

Library lounge

Monko preparation (incense ceremony) 
 In Monko, you bury a small burning charcoal in ash within a small pot or cup. You then artfully and carefully create a mound of the ash, in which you create a small channel through which the charcoal’s heat can be channelled. A small square of glass is placed over the channel’s opening. On this is placed a small piece of wood, which releases its fragrance as it heats up.

Incens  flavours. 

Traditional writing set,  & Japanese games.
John & I, ready for our tea ceremony
Our tea ceremony in the zen garden.
Our lounge area with view
View of Ooi River
Arashiyama bamboo forest




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